Major Shift Needed — From Producer Demands to Needs of Consumer and Public Interest

Below, are two comments I recently published which anticipate the BIG SHIFT in BC's education scenario — announced today (June25 8:00 am — Lone negotiator to lead revised teacher talks). For a quick read of expected directions foreseen, see *** in the bolded sections below. June 14, 2013, comment, Tunya Audain to Vancouver Sun… Read more

Where Is Quebec’s Totalitarianism Coming From?

Is this a true formula  —  socialism equals totalitarianism? Quebec, is increasingly becoming more totalitarian.  Children are to go to government subsidized day-care to be "socialized", even as research shows poor results from these day-care programs.  Homeschooling parents are discouraged and steered into public schools.  Ethics and Religious Culture courses… Read more